About me

I live just north of Copenhagen in Denmark, and are going through a high conflict divorce. I am the father of two boys, from September 11, and January 14.

It has now, been more than four years, since I moved out from my kids mothers house. And we are still struggling in the new “Family Court House”.

I’ve been made aware of Parental Alienation in a (Børnesagkyndig undersøgelses rapport) psychologist report , and then came across Dr. Craig Childress and AB-PA, read all his books, and was introduced to Dorcy Pruter, and Conscious Co-Parenting Institute. I took a course for parents to help them reconnect with their kids.

It calmed me, and made me realize that it was solvable. I then got into her coach training program, and started up coaching parents on how they can reconnect with their kids.

E-mail kenneth.nielsen.coach@gmail.com Hours Weekdays 20-22 Weekends 15-17
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